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Blue One Management Sa/Nv created, developed and designed a software suite (All in one not modular) able to support any airline (Pax, Cargo, Scheduled, Charter and/or Corporate Business), worldwide and multiple based in the making of flexible, cost effective business decisions at the level of training, planning and tracking of flight and cabin crew as on planning, tracking and maintaining of aircraft. Fully capable of handling multi aircraft type qualifications within an environment of multi air operator certificates.


The Blue One software is built out of one central database, towards the three major building blocks being :

  • Data Administration: People, Aircraft, Airport, Training and Hotel.

  • Planning and Tracking: Aircraft Tracking, Crew Tracking, Pairing Management, Crew Utilization, Crew Interface, Leave Management and Interface Monitor.

  • Parameters/Interfaces: Duty Administration, Application Parameters, System Parameters, Crew Parameters, eBorders / APIS, Interfaces monitor, Messaging monitor

  • Reporting/Tools: Reports, KPI, Electronic Library

All modules have been worked out with the intent of building intuitive interfaces, where all required information is available.
Such a tool will sustain,  at all stages, the decision making process related the planned or ongoing operations.
Blue One is delivered out of the shelf, including absolutely all the modules. This unique strategy guarantees a scalable tool, which will go along with the expansion of your operations without any additional investments.

On the technical site, it should be noted that the Blue One Software is based on an ORACLE 10g database, using a fully normalized data model.  
This choice guarantees by far, the best performance, multi platform installation and portability.
Thanks to a long term relationship, Blue One has been ranked as official ORACLE partner for several years.
On the application server site, Blue One Software is developed using the Oracle Forms and Reports Technology 10g.  The application is deployed using a Java based application server.

The Blue One Software is fully web-enabled. It is usually installed on one dedicated server, accessible via the LAN for the office users. This set-up doesn't require any specific installation on the workstation.
Hence, the application is accessible via the Internet from anywhere without client software installation.

Thanks to its state of the art technology, Blue One Software offers a wide choice of interfaces with the external world, including text file, IP stream, HTTP and XML Technology.
The Blue One Software Database is accessible for reporting from many industries standard reporting tools such as Crystal Reports, Microsoft Access or Business Objects.
A standard set of Database views are published and supported to protect the customer investments.

All the standard Blue One software reports are produced in PDF format which makes the distribution very easy.


"Blue One is offering to Brussels Airlines an integrated solution supporting crew management and fleet control against a very reasonable cost.The slim organizational structure of Blue One Management and their understanding of business priorities is guaranteeing the deployment of a solution focused on our core airline  business. We are confident they will in the future continue to adopt the right technology to ensure continuity of their product whilst growing their business."

Patrick Simons, Head of Flight Coordination Centre, Flight Operations Brussels Airlines, 

Latest Achievement

New mobile Crew Interface

We are happy to announce the arrival of our new Mobile Crew Interface.
As from now, you can access your roster details, calendar planning, real time roster changes notifications and other duty details on any device and any operating system.


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