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Welcome to the home of Blue One Management Sa/Nv, a Belgian Company created in 2001, with its home base in Brussels, the capital or Europe.
That year, the aviation industry was hit by an unprecedented crisis due to the terrorist attacks in the USA, with huge consequences and on the other hand, some great potential business opportunities.

Blue One Management Sa/Nv created, developed and designed a software suite (All in one not modular) able to support any airline (Scheduled, Charter and Corporate Business), worldwide and multiple based in the making of flexible, cost effective business decisions at the level of training, planning and tracking of flight and cabin crew as on planning, tracking and maintaining of aircraft.

A separate module was developed in 2003 specifically designed to provide optimal support to any Flight Training Organization in the world, in the handling of their fleet and trainees towards profitability.

Over the past years, our software and services have proven their added value for a wide variety of customers worldwide.
Focused on our core business, we have been seeking for synergies with third party providers, leading to innovative solutions that have been shared by the Blue One users community.

Based on Oracle technology, database and application server, Blue One is a fully Web enabled software, allowing a worldwide remote access. Ranging from a local implementation up to a fully outsourced ASP solution, Blue One offers the most flexible solutions for airlines and training organizations looking for leading edge technology at a competitive price.

Blue One Management works exclusively on software and project management in the World of Aviation.

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