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New mobile Crew Interface

We are happy to announce the arrival of our new Mobile Crew Interface.
As from now, you can access your roster details, calendar planning, real time roster changes notifications and other duty details on any device and any operating system.


Another Flag Carrier joins the Blue One community

We are happy to welcome another Flag Carrier within the Blue One community in 2013.
Blue One has been able to provide a comprehensive and competitive offer, which satisfies challenging technical and functional requirements.

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Meet us at the SITA Air Transport IT Summit 2013

Blue One will be present at the SITA IT Summit 2013.
If you want to meet us for a formal or casual discussion about the capabilities of our software, please give us a sign.

You can ask for a dedicated session:
Our delegate will be glad to update you on our solutions that will help improve the overall productivity and efficiency of your operations. 

 Looking forward to networking with you there. 

22nd January 2013: Another customer is now live on Blue One.

2013 has started as 2012 had ended for Blue One: full throttle!

This week, another new customer took off with Blue One.

After a smooth implementation and an in depth end users training on site, a new important flag carrier is now enjoying the benefits of using Blue One, as a core system in their Operations and other key processes.

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HAPPY 2013!

Welcome to this New Year.

2012 has been a challenging year for Blue One, with lots of achievements and a strong development of our business and our core team.

2013 looks promising again, with new important features that are being added to our product; a product which is being enjoyed by a larger community of users, worldwide.

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Happy New Year.

Blue One is looking for a motivated Junior Developer.

Are you a junior developer, eager to learn and willing to work in an international environment? Blue One has the right challenge for you.

If you are a legal resident of one of the EU member states, send your application letter and resume to


June 2012 - BlueOne attends the SITA ISV workshop

On 19 June 2012, BlueOne has been an active contributor to the discussions lead during the SITA workshop for Independant Software Vendors (ISV's), as part of the SITA IT summit.

Future challenges and trends of the Air Transport Industry have been tackled, with a focus on the distribution of Apps through the Cloud infrastructure, enabled by SITA.

Ask us for more details and how this can fit with your requirements:

DECEMBER 2011: Enhanced Alerts Mechanism

Blue One's alerting mechanism has been enhanced in order to better manage any of the following issues that might arise in the operational window:

  • Crew composition
  • Crew duties
  • Crew training status
  • Weather alerts
  • Aircraft condition and equipment restrictions
  • Messaging alerts (rejected messages, formatting issues, ...)
  • Airport constraints (curfew, Max landing mass per A/C type, ...)
  • Crew passport and visa issues


Automated email notifications can be generated and sent within a defined time frame, giving the flexibility to anticipate and avoid the detected problems.

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OCTOBER 2011 - Automated rostering

Blue One has enhanced the features of the Crew Tracking module with an automated rostering tool.
This tool ensures a fair balancing of the crew rosters based either on standard or customized criteria, and is based on the "Best candidate" approach.
Ask for a demo:

JUNE 2011 - Electronic Record Keeping

Blue One has enhanced his offer with a new solution, especially designed for the demanding organizations, where the management of the training and checks, as well as the crew records is a critical process.

A new state-of-the-art module has been released, where:

  • The training forms are be prepared as editable electronic documents by the customer, and are then stored in an electronic library of Blue One
  • The training forms are available for the instructors, as an editable electronic document, wherever they operate from
    • The forms can be filled in, saved, signed and stored for each training session (Class, Simulator, Line Training, ...)
    • The instructor has the ability to select a number of forms, from the menu, that he will fill in accordingly, either on a stand alone computer or via the network
  • Once filled in, the form (s) is (are) saved and signed electronically, they're stored in the Blue One database
  • The signed form (s) is (are) attached to the training event and are integrated in the planning modules of Blue One.
  • The status of each training item attached to the planned event is updated accordingly, once the instructor indicates that all the required
    forms have been filled in and, signed and saved
  • A validation logic is implemented in the document itself based on the customer's requirements (datalink)
    • When the document is saved, a selection of the field values will be sent to the database for
      further utilization. 
  • As a default option, it is still possible to store a scanned document and attach it to the training event/crew


Ask for more details or for a demo:

April 2011 - Automated Hotel Bookings

Blue One has implemented a fully Automated Hotel Bookings module, that is able to handle all the requests for Hotel Accommodation and to follow-up on the actual status of each request in real time.

In return, the confirmation number as well as the details of the hotel are received automatically in Blue One and the Crew Members as well as the Travel Coordinators are updated in real time on the actual status of a hotel.

Southern Air will be the launch customer of this new feature, where Blue One has been integrated with the systems of a global travel management company.

March 2011: FRMS

Blue One has achieved an integration with an external Fatigue and Risk Management System that allows the analysis of all the crew rosters, for a selected period of time.

This analysis can be run both at the planning stage as well as at the operations stage, in order to monitor the potential fatigue issues on any crew member's roster.

This new feature will help our customers to anticipate upcoming EASA requirements, as part of their SMS policies.

Request more information at

January 2011: Synchronizaton of the Crew Rosters with an Internet Calendar 

Thanks to their web-based Crew Interface, all the crew members can synchronize a personal Internet calendar with their actual roster.
This new feature, released as part of our product road-map for all our customers, comes in addition to the existing features of the web-based Crew Interface and enhances the connectivity between the crews and the airline on portable devices.

All the roster changes and timing changes are updated in real time both in the Crew Interface and on the crew personal Internet calendar.

Emission Trading Scheme

The EU Commission have introduced a requirement for the Operators to comply with a series of measures within the scope of the Directive 2008/101/EG for the aviation industry. Those measures define the framework in which the Airlines will have to monitor and report on their CO2 emissions in order to inform the Climate Change Committee (CCC). Those requirements apply to all the flights from, to and within Europe, unless the Operator can be ranked amongst the “Small emitters”.

The EU Commission have published a timeline which defines the different steps to be accomplished by the Operators.

One important step is the submission of a “Monitoring Plan”, by each Operator. The monitoring plan is meant to report on the CO2 emissions of the past and will be used as a start basis by the Authority in order to further monitor the actual emissions of CO2 as of 2010. As from 2012 (to be confirmed), the airlines will have to deal with their Emission Permits, obtained and managed within the framework of the Emission Trading Scheme.

The purpose of Blue One is to become a relevant tool, which will allow the airlines to build transparent reporting means that comply with the EU requirements. Blue One will be used for data mining purposes and will produce all the necessary data in order to be compliant with the EU regulation about the Emission Trading Scheme.

Three main focus areas are in the scope of this feature:

  • Computation of the flown distances, based on the Great Circling Distance between the city pairs,
  • Export of the relevant Mass & Balance data, parsed from the LDM messages
  • Export of the relevant fuel figures, parsed from the reported fuel figures through the different reporting means available in the system: Crew Interface, Aircraft Tracking, integration with a Flight Planning software,

One export of data will be produced. This export of data contains all the information of each flight accomplished and covers all the requirements to be used in order to realize the purposes of the ETS monitoring and reporting. Thanks to the gathered data and enhancements to the core application, it will be possible to:

  • Compute the RTK (Revenue Ton/Kilometer)
  • Compute the amount of emissions of CO2 in tons, based on the actual fuel burn
  • Fill in the official Emissions reports published by Eurocontrol
  • Choose the methodology of reporting based on the possibilities left by the Commission
  • Prepare the external audits and bring the evidence of the consistency of the reported figures

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