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Crew Planning and Crew Tracking

The Crew Tracking module gathers in a user friendly environment all the features and the required functionalities that are necessary for an optimal use of the airlines' most valuable resource: the crew members.

At all the stages, from the Planning to the Operations in real time, the overall control of the processes is made easy thanks to the various control features facilitating our crew schedulers.




Thanks to a well organized and structured display, the users can identify and anticipate at a glance the arising issues in the following areas :

  • Duty violations
  • Assignment conflicts
  • Schedule disruptions
  • Understaffed duties
  • Assignment changes to be notified to the crew members
  • Training issues
  • Rest periods validity
  • Hotel assignment


Thanks to the integration with the Pairing Management module, an optimized crew rostering process can be conducted.



Efficient duty control algorithms have been developed in order to comply with the worldwide Flight Time Limitations standards. Blue One will identify the violations and will allow the user to visualize each issue with a comprehensive analysis.



The planning and tracking of the crew training files is fully integrated in our Crew Tracking module.



Ask for a web or on site demo in order to see with concrete cases the numerous advantages and the capabilities of Blue One.

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