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Duty Administration

Blue One is already compliant with many national regulations, such as EASA Ops 1 / Sub Part Q and the national translations in the member States, CAP 371, FAR's and any derivated rules.

Blue One can deliver a ready to use set of rules and your own rules can be easily customized in the system.

Blue One offers the flexibility to use various rules for a given crew member if required.

The use of a rule can be linked to labour agreements: Planning rules (soft rules) versus Operational rules (hard rules).
It can also be linked to an assignment / customer: ACMI operations, ...

A comprehensive validation mechanism will sustain the users at any stage of their work, from the planning stage until the day of operations.
Alerts and warnings will be issued in order to flag the arising duty and rest related issues.

The Duty Administration module is integrated with the Planning and Tracking modules.
Simulations and What If scenario can be conducted on a selected rules set versus one another in order to compare solutions and make the appropriate decision.

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