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Blue One offers in its integrated Pairing Management Module all the features related to the manual and automated generation of Crew Pairings, as well as the capabilities to rework a scenario as part of the day-to-day follow-up of the operations.
Since this module is integrated within the operational database, it works on actualized data rather than on snapshots that may lead to the creation of outdated solutions!

All our customers can enjoy an easy-to-use graphical interface in order to deal with the challenges of the creation of optimized Crew Pairings.

Creating repetitive Crew Pairings for a seasonal schedule or looking for an optimzed solution is made easy and provides you with efficient solutions, based on a multiple scenario mode, driven by a costing-based approach.

Reworking a solution due to operational disruptions is also part of the capabilities of our solution.


The solution built in the Pairing Management Module is ready to use in the Crew Tracking, as part of the planning process.
It is integrated as well with the Hotel Management for the crew members and ensures a smooth process.

The leg coverage is easy to control in the Tracking Modules and can be set in order to meet any requirements at the level of any type of crew complement.

This module will provide you with all the information that are required in order to start forecasting your crew need, even on the long term, thanks to the integration with our Pre-Rostering Analysis tools (mid-term forecasting) and with our Manpower Planning module (Long term forecasting).

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