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Blue One offers a support structure adapted to the needs of each type of customer, ensuring an adequate reaction to the actual problems that can be encountered in an airline operation.

Our team of software engineers and routined airlines operations consultants can quickly and efficiently be staffed in order to address all kinds of concerns.

Several options of support contracts are available, with Service Level Agreements (SLA's) and a 24/7 worldwide coverage.

For each implementation, an on-site training of the end users and system administrators is performed.

Our customers do benefit from a fully documented product, with clear graphical references, organized as FAQ's.

Every contract will at least cover the licensing, the maintenance and updates of the software and the database, included in the basic fees, as well as a functional support to the end users.
ASP solutions, with advanced data back-up and recovery solutions can be proposed as options to the basic agreement.

Blue One Support can be contacted 24/7:

Phone : +32 474 879090
Email :

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