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Training Management

 Blue One offers an advanced set of tools in order to efficiently manage the training plan, the training records and expiries, of all your crew members and even ground staff.

Compliant with any type of regulation worldwide, the Training Administration module will allow a detailed definition of all the training items, training plans and training profiles that apply in your own operation.

The continuous management of your documents, licenses, ratings, class rooms, ground courses, special airport qualifications, simulator sessions and line training is made easy and efficient.


Recently, new features have been added, enabling a paperless management of your training files and checks.
The electronic library of Blue One can store the forms for each training event or check as an editable PDF, which is available for the Instructors via their tablet, laptop, ...
The information stored in any template training form is structured and can be stored in the database after editing.
An electronic signature on the forms, via eID, personal ID, secured certificate, ... will certify the validity of the document.


Finally, the planning and tracking of the training and checks is completely integrated as part of the Crew Tracking module, and guarantees a consistent follow-up of the planned training and checks together with the daily operations follow-up, as part of the published crew rosters.


 The validation of the training status of each and every crew member is monitored continuously, as from H- 72, by default (this parameter being user-definable) and is integrated in the Alert Window.


In case of a training issue for any crew on duty in the next 72 hours, automated email notifications will be sent to a defined address list. If necessary, the system can automatically solve the problem by removing the crew from the critical assignment or duty and send an alert to all involved.


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